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Using highly-privileged accounts as application pool or as service identities poses a security risk to the farm, and could allow malicious code to execute.  The following services are currently running as accounts in the machine Administrators group: SharePoint – 100 (Application Pool)
SharePoint – 107 (Application Pool)
SharePoint – 197 (Application Pool)
SharePoint Central Administration v4 (Application Pool)
FIMSynchronizationService(Windows Service)
OSearch14(Windows Service)
SPTimerV4(Windows Service)
WebAnalyticsService(Windows Service)

Browse to http://…your server Name…/_admin/FarmCredentialManagement.aspx

and change the account used for the services listed in the explanation. For more information about this rule, see “”.

Failing Services SPTimerService (SPTimerV4)


Create different service accounts to run different services as listed below.


you can also

or for more details, visit